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Red, White and Blue !

July 01,2009
Photobucket I love garlands, it doesn't feel like a holiday at our house unless we have made one and it's up for us to enjoy. This project can be done with even the youngest child, sure they won't be doing the cutting or threading but doing projects together is a great chance to bond and practice a little teamwork. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some card stock, a large and small star cookie cutter, a marker,scissors, some ribbon, red, blue and silver glitter paint. Photobucket 2. Start by tracing your cookie cutters on your card stock. I am using blank greeting cards, they are perfect for this craft! Photobucket 3. Finger paint the stars. Don't worry if the stars aren't 100% covered, ours weren't and they still look adorable. Photobucket 4. Using the glitter paint you will want to spread it thinly on the "white" stars. If it's too thick it will make even card stock curl. Photobucket 5. Let everything dry. 6. Cut stars out. Photobucket 7. Decide on a pattern. Photobucket 8. Poke two holes in each star to thread the ribbon through. Photobucket 9. Thread the ribbon through. Photobucket 10. Hang up! Photobucket