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Recycled Turtle

May 18,2009
Photobucket I love reusing things for a fun project. This food container works wonderfully to make this turtle 3 dimensional as well as helps teach children how the shell is hard and serves as protection for turtles. Instead of using green paint I use yellow and blue so that we have a quick lesson about color mixing added in. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a piece of green construction paper,markers, scissors, glue, yellow and blue paint, a paint brush , googly eyes and a washed out applesauce container. Photobucket 2. Start by laying the container on your paper and drawing the outline of a turtle. Photobucket 3. Hand the paper to your child and have them color it any way they wish. Photobucket 4. Pour a small amount of blue and yellow paint into the container. Photobucket 5. Mix! Photobucket 6. Cut out the turtle while your child is mixing the paint. Photobucket 7. Glue the container to the paper turtle. Photobucket 8. Glue the googly eyes on. Let dry. Photobucket