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Recycled Music !

May 13,2010
Music is a big deal in our house, my son can make anything into a drum or guitar, his favorite being the toilet ( lid down) and the mop. Today we made 3 different shakers using things from our recycle bin and pantry. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some empty boxes, tins or jars from your recycle bin, some tape and various dried foods like beans, quinoa , pasta etc... 2. Start by filling the tins with the dried foods. Use a different one for each. The goal is to make different sounds. 3. Tape the tops on, the goal is not to make a huge mess ! 4. Shake and play. I asked my son which sound he liked the best, which if any he didn't like,which was the highest and which was the lowest. Then I just let him play! Turn on some music and have fun.