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Recycled Halloween Decor

September 26,2011

Ever have a craft that went so well until it didn't? Yeah that was this craft. I'd been saving these yogurt cups for EVER and then after I finished the craft I popped it to the side to make the Monster Bag from yesterday and in those 3 minutes the string got all tangled. It was hopeless. I ended up cutting it and in frustration not re stringing it. As you can see it looks cute either way.

You'll need some orange yogurt cups, a black permanent marker ( or letter labels would be cute too), scissors, and bakers twine.

Start by drawing some jack-o-lanterns and the word Halloween on the cups one letter at a time - with the cup upside down.

Poke two holes in each bottom.

String the bakers twine through. I would be lying through my teeth if I said this was easy, I am lucky I have crazy small hands.

Voila!  Now carefully take it to where you want to hang it. Do not pass go, do not collect your money just go ;)

Or forget the twine all together display as is.