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Recycled Catalog Doll House

July 21,2009
Photobucket I love reusing things I get sent for free in the mail. Catalogs are a perfect material for lots of crafts so after I read through them lusting after the bedding and chandeliers I hide them away . 1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper grocery bag, some home catalogs , scissors, double stick tape and a few figurines. Photobucket 2. Cut the paper bag so that it is in the shape of a house. I left wings so that it would stand up like a tri-fold . The bottom of the house should be the top of the bag so it's even and will stand. Photobucket 3. Decide on your floor plan. Photobucket 4. Cut furniture out of the catalogs for your rooms. Photobucket 5. Tape them down. I suggest using double stick tape because glue will make them bubble and possibly rip. Also tape wont make the house wt and heavy and will allow you to stand it up to play. Photobucket 6. Add your figurines and play. Photobucket