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Real World Writing - Purposeful Practice

February 17,2012

Learning to write can be hard and frustrating for many kids. Forcing them to practice over and over can be counter productive for many who already don't enjoy it. I don't know about you but when we got into trouble in elementary school we had to write lines. I hated it.

Finding real world reasons for them to write and practice words is key. I taught PreK and tutored kids in reading and used exercises like this all the time as class activities and things to try at home for those struggling. You'd think that as my own son struggled with a lack of desire to even try to write that I would have thought of this right away, not so much. When it's your own kid everything flies straight out the window.

However today as he wrote his class valentines happily and without getting frustrated and tears I was reminded of the advice I used to hand out to parents in my shoes.

Make the writing purposeful.  Here are ten ideas to try with your kids.

Thank you notes

Playdate request notes for friends

Letters to grand parents

Valentines for classmates.

Grocery lists,

Wish lists of toys,

Menu board for dinner

Lists of books to look for at the library.

Signs for bedroom doors ( please knock, no girls allowed),

and silly recipes too. We love writing our own for things like " Monster Stew."