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Read and Spell Magnet Board

January 30,2011

My son has been amazing us lately with sounding out words, asking to spell everything and much to our dismay putting together words that we speak spell ,  you know so he doesn't know what we are saying... Well pride and dismay aside I decided to use these new skills for play.

This board was play for him, I didn't direct him, just told him to play with the letters and stick them where he wanted and have fun sounding the words out. He especially loved when the words didn't work and even suggested we make up meanings for those words.

I hesitated posting this because I didn't want to stress reading and spelling at such a young age. I am following his interests and not pushing but that is hard to display in a blog post. This idea can also be used for other subjects like math and patterning.

You will need paper, a marker,tape,  some magnets ( I love the free ones from pizza places, doctor's offices etc... work the best.), scissors and a cookie sheet.

On one sheet of paper write out some words that you have been working on. If you are formally teaching reading using word families is a great way. Ours was simply words that he would be able to sound out without too much challenge but he still had to think about.

Cut a second sheet up for the first letter.

Write the letters on the small pieces.

Tape or glue the magnets on. If you glue use thicker paper. The marker might run if the wet glue seeps through the thin paper.

Time to play!

Remember have fun, build on your child's natural interests and pushing and supporting are not synonymous.