Rain Cloud Ribbons

Tue, 19/04/2011


When kids are learning about weather and other things that are familiar but hard to hold in their little hands making a manipulative to hold is helpful.  While singing songs and talking about today's weather playing with a manipulative is a great way to round out the lesson.

These clouds are made for older children who are no longer putting things ( cotton balls) in their mouths, For younger children simply use one full piece of felt but these are still intended to use with close supervision .

You will need a plastic lids ( ours was ricotta cheese), some blue ribbon, glue , cotton balls and a hole punch.

Start by punching holes in your lid along the bottom edge.

Next cut the ribbon in 8-12 inch pieces and double knot them through the holes. I did 2-3 in each hole.

Add glue to the lid and add the cotton balls. Let dry completely before playing.