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Raccoon Mask Craft

August 21,2011


This time of year I always think of raccoons, not because they sneak into my yard looking for something to eat but because of the wonderful book The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn . The reason my mind wonders to that book is that when I was teaching I'd read it on the first day of school to help anxious students feel at ease with potential seperation anxiety. 

Well this mask is a great craft to match with the book for your preschoolers. 

You'll need a small paper plate, some black paper , glue stick, googly eyes, a popscicle stick, scissors and a black crayon.

Start by coloring the whole plate.

While the kids do that cut out the "mask" from the black paper.

Cut the bottom off the plate.

Glue the mask on with googly eyes. 

Using the cut off piece of plate and remnant of black paper make ears.

Glue on.

Glue stick on and let dry.