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Pretty Princess!

September 27,2010
I have been enjoying themed weeks and this week it's all about Princesses or Princes! The crafts will be sparkly and fun. I will be using a lot of sparkly sticky back foam, something that isn't cheap but if you make multiple crafts with it you will get your money's worth. Every Princess Needs A Crown! Making princess crowns are fun but waiting for the glue to dry is such a drag. Using sticky back foam and double stick tape takes the wait out of the picture and pretending to be a real princess can start as soon as the last jewel is stuck on. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper grocery bag, scissors, double stick tape, and sticky back foam. 2. Start by cutting the bag into a crown. To make this simple fold it and cut the zig zag on top. 3. Cut the foam into different shapes. 4.Start popping it on. You can make a pattern and transform this into a math lesson or just add them however you want. It's going to be beautiful no matter what. 5. When you are done add double stick tape on the edge, press and you are ready to go rule your kingdom.