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The Power of Storytelling

January 22,2011

In a world where everything plugs in, charges and connects us to everyone it's nice to unplug in order to fully connect.  My son has always loved being read to, we go to the library often, sometimes multiple times a week  and his imagination is fantastic. Sometime around Christmas we started telling stories about Santa's elves, and now all day long I hear " Mama can you tell me a story about the fire fighter elves? " In our North Pole there are all sorts of elves and his favorite are the police and fire fighters.

Ok so I tell my kid stories - not ground breaking.

But parenting and education don't have to be ground breaking. What they both need is connection and meaning. I am not sure if the stories about the elves coming to the rescue are really that great or in a house that now includes a baby sister who demands much of my time it's become something just for us.  I have used these story times to tell many cautionary tales, but also things like fire safety, human body, and geography ( my elves travel a lot). The sky and your imagination is the limit but I urge you to sit down and make up some stories, you may not spin them into what JK Rowling did , but your kids will remember the time you spent together !