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Pony Bead and Pipe Cleaner Bracelet

September 13,2011

Beading is a wonderful way to connect with your kids. Sitting down making something and chatting about whatever comes to mind. I know that as kids get older they hide in their rooms, in the basement and somewhere else where they watch tv, play computer games or something on the miriad of hand held devices they have. This is such an easy craft but it's one you may be able to entice your kids to come make and possibly talk while they do :)

You will need some pipe cleaners,  and ponly beads. I need to disclose that these beads and pipe cleaners were sent to me by www.craftprojectideas.com , I was not paid to use them or to write this post though. 

Ok back to the instructions - start by threading both your pipe cleaners through one bead. Then add 2-3 beads on each one. Thread them both through another, keep going.

When your bracelet is the right length for your wrist thread all 4 through one bead.

Twist the ends aroung the bracelet.