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Play Dough Cupcakes

July 22,2009
Photobucket My son recently got 3 birthday invites in the mail, and has been playing with them and proclaiming what gifts we will be giving each friend. Then he always stops and gets very serious and asks, "Will have cupcakes at the party?" I always say I don't know, but it wasn't good enough until we made our own play cupcakes! Here is what we did. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some play dough ( my favorite recipe) , some foil or otherwise fancy liners, some fun toppings like sprinkles and coconut, and some birthday cake candles. Photobucket 2. Have fun pretending to make the dough, have your child tell you what they use to make their dough, or if they helped you make the recipe above ask them to recall it. Photobucket 3. Add some shredded coconut , I like using it because it looks a little like frosting without the mess. Photobucket 4. Add the sprinkles Photobucket 5. Add a candle or 7 and sing happy birthday to whoever your child pleases! Photobucket 6. To clean up brush off the toppings, pinch off any coconut that doesn't come off easily ( most of it will knead your dough and pack it back up in your fridge, ready to be used again. Photobucket