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Picture Books For Your Princess

September 30,2010
Princess Books Princess Smartypantsby Brenda Cole . Princess Smartypants marches to the beat of her own drummer and doesn’t get her families obsession with finding her a husband. Princess Smartypants doesn't need another person to make her feel confident, smart or whole and this story is a perfect message for little girls a little too wrapped up in Prince Charming. Princess Baby by Karen Katz is a book about a little baby who does not want to be called cupcake or any other endearing nicknames she wants to be called by her name, Princess Baby! Katz knows how to write wonderful books for toddlers and this is no exception, this book will delight your princess. That Is Not My Princess by Fiona Watt is a wonderful touch and feel book for your littlest princess. As you read the basic text that labels each texture your little princess can feel and attach meaning to the varying textures. I like these books for little guys because it gives them a physical experience while sitting and reading at an age when sitting still is not a priority!