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Paper Roll Love Bug

February 08,2011

I love bugs and I call both my kids " Love Bug" all.the.time. So of course a craft like this pops into my head when Valentine's Day is on the horizon. This version reuses some around the house recyclables and can even stand on it's own so you don't have to make room on the fridge for it!

Gather your materials. You will need a paper roll , some tissue paper ( regular printer paper will work too), a pipe cleaner, goggly eyes , glue, scissors and markers ( crayons or paint work too).

Start by coloring your paper roll.

Next fan fold the tissue paper to make wings.

Poke a hole ( adults only) with scissors in the middle of the roll. Cut the pipe cleaner in half and wrap it around the middle of the wings. thread through and twist the ends so it is attached ot the roll. I had to trim my roll so I could reach down the roll but I have unusually tiny hands. However this means kids will need help.

Poke two holes in at the top and thread the other half of the pipe cleaner through to make antennae.

Glue the eyes on, draw a heart mouth and let dry!