Paper Roll Desk Organizer

Tue, 28/07/2009
Photobucket I love crafting with paper towel and toilet paper rolls because it's one material that most of us do have an abundance of. Depending on how old and skilled your child is they can make intricate designs, or simple scribbles! 1. Gather your materials. You will need 1 paper towel roll, 1 toilet paper roll, some markers, a little white foam ( or construction paper), a fine tip marker , scissors, a paper plate and hot glue. Photobucket 2. Cut your paper towel roll so that you have three different sized rolls. Photobucket 3. Color your rolls, I use markers because I find glue adheres to it better than wax crayon. Photobucket 4. Cut your foam or white paper into small rectangles, and label them with a fine tip marker. Photobucket 5. Trace the rolls on the bottom of a paper plate, cut out. Do not worry about it being perfect , you can trim after you glue it. Photobucket 6. Start gluing with the hot glue. I glued the rolls together first. Photobucket 7. Next add the labels. Photobucket 8. Glue the bottom on and fill it up! Photobucket