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Paper Plate Collage Spider

October 28,2011

While my son is at preschool I love taking the time to do more complicated activities with my daughter who at 16 months sees her brother making things and wants to join in. So a few days ago we make this spider which is now scaring people in our foyer. Obviously with toddlers you need to help a lot but it's all a learning process, which is why I like including lots of learning opportunities about colors, and textures.

You will need some paper in spider/ Halloween colors , felt and streamers. Like I said above I like mixing textures because at 16 months they may not be wondering about spiders specifically but they will understand when something is soft, black or rough. So lable everything verbally for your toddler.  You will also need some glue, paint or a marker , a paper plate, chenille stems ( ours were supplied by * ) and some scissors and tape.

Start by coloring or painting your paper plate. I drew a spider body on ot before painting but you don't have to if you are greta at free hand cutting.

Add glue

Add the collage materials.

Let dry and cut out.  Remember with toddlers to refer back to their experience saying things like " Did you make this spider?" " Is that square green? It's soft!" etc...





*their craft supplies are ones I have used many times but sinxe these specific ones were sent to be free of charge I wanted to fully disclose their origin!