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Paper Collage Planet Craft

March 05,2011

This craft is so simple but the amazing thing about it isn't how beautiful it is , it's how many great fine motor and pre writing skills it has packed into one craft. We chose ot make Mars because we had lots of red paper on hand and you might remember we are working on cleaning out my art closet and using everything we have up!

Gather your materials. You will need some tissue paper, 1 sheet of construction paper and scrap construiction paper in any color. You will also need glue and a marker.

Start by cutting your sheet of paper into a circle. We worked on this together. My son isn't able to cut the whole circle out but he's getting there.

Now rip your and cut your tissue and construction paper. As we cut and ripped them we compared how easily they cut vs ripped and the difference between the two papers.

Next we colored it with markers.

Added glue.

Added the paper to the glue and let dry.

Kids are learning all the time and simple doesn't mean boring. This little project is packed full of learning.