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Paper Bag Flower

April 27,2011

While searching for party decorations for my daughter's 1st birthday I came across these great paper bag flowers on a number of blogs. The original seems to be Martha Stewart - the queen of all things crafty. Here is our version!

We used 7 pink paper bags we got in the party aisle at Walmart, double stick tape , a hole punch, some bakers string and scissors.

Start by cutting the corners off your bags , I wasn't at all careful or precise. I had one kid eating and the other crawling around my feet (I know you can relate) but as you can see precise isn't super important.

Next cut bottoms off.

Punch a hole in each.

Add the string.

Using the double stick tape tape the bags together.

Fluff , tape the two ends together and hang.

It took me 3 minutes, which is great because yesterday that was all I had! I hope to have a bunch more made for the party.