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Octopus Craft and Fine Motor Skills Practice!

August 14,2011

I try to have specific goals with all the crafts I create, whether they are lessons in creativity and open ended or more specific ones like this that have goals for fine motor skills. 

I get asked about scissor skills all the time and this craft is a great one to build the coordination for using scissors as well as providing lots of practice as they cut the 8 tentacles. 

You will need some construction paper, a paper plate, some crayons,glue,  scissors and some hole reinforcements. 

Start by coloring the bottom of the plate.

Next cut the paper into 8 strips. Encourage your child to do this , stress that they don't have to be perfect or even all the same size, just try.

Add the reinforcements. The movement of peeling off the stickers is a similar movement to using scissors and adding stickers to pictures and crafts are a great way to give those muscles a work out. 

Add some eyes.

Glue the tentacles on and let dry.