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Ocean In A Bottle

August 09,2009
Photobucket This simple activity is something that delights kids of all ages. Babies love watching the oil and water swirl and older children will delight in the slow but inevitable separation of the two. 1. Gather your materials. You will need a simple plastic bottle, water, vegetable oil, food coloring, sequins, and sparkles. Photobucket 2. Fill your bottle half way with water. Add your sequins. This is a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills as well as counting as you add the sequins. Photobucket 3. Add in the sparkles. ( you will want an adult to do this). Photobucket 4. Time for food coloring. Photobucket 5. Tightly screw on the cap and shake. Photobucket 6. Unscrew it and add the oil until the bottle is full. Photobucket 7. Enjoy shaking , making waves and letting it settle, ask your child why they separate,why the colors change, why the sparkles always end up on top... whatever questions that fit their level of inquiry. Bottles and caps do break so you can either duct tape the top or choose to only use this outside. Trust me the oil and sparkles mix is very very hard to clean up off your kitchen floor. Trust me.