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New Years Resolutions

January 05,2011

This is an easy activity you can do with any child old enough to answer. You can do the writing, or they can or like my 4 year old and I share the task. Grab a piece of paper or note card, pencil and start answering these easy questions that  introduce your children to resolutions.

First Review The Last Year

1.What was the best part of 2010?

2. What was the worst part?

Next Write What You Want 2011 To Have

1. What do you want to happen this year?

2. What would make 2011 even better than 2010?

3. What do you not want to happen this year?

Choose 3 Steps To Make The Goal Happen

1. What  two things can you do to make sure that you reach your goal?

2. What should you not do?


You will be surprised how insightful even young kids will be with this exercise. That said if you get one word answers that's ok too. File it away and pull it out next year before sitting down to write another.


Happy New Year!