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Name Alien Craft

January 10,2010
This week I am focusing our craft posts on making things with your own name. Children often learn to recognize the letters in their first names first, can spell their names before most other things and even when they have mastered that love to make things that is just "theirs". Today we are starting out with something I love doing. I have done this in the past with cursive writing but wanted to adapt it for younger kids. 1. Gather your materials. You will need some construction paper, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors, markers, glitter and glue. 2. Start by folding your paper lengthwise and writing your child's name along the folded edge. If they are able to write it have them do it! 3. Cut out. 4.Open up and decorate! Every time I have done this with a class they have loved how individual each alien is! Depending on how you write your letters even the same name turns out differently! 5. Don't forget a pipe cleaner or glitter ! If it was a hit try their middle and last names too!