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Mitten Match

January 19,2011

This is a easy but fun game you can make at home for your preschooler or toddler. My 4 year old likes to play alone with many mittens but for a toddler I would play with them with only a few.

Gather your materials. You will need some fun patterned paper in 2-5 patterns, scissors and a marker if you want to draw and trace the mittens, I admit I am a free hand kind of gal!

Cut out at least 2 of each pattern. Like i said for older children do more, younger or those still learning how to sort fewer. You want there to be a challenge but you want to facilitate success so the child doesn't become overly discouraged and stops wanting to play. I like to make a few more than I think my son will need and edit as I see fit.

Match them up!

Have a reluctant child? Instead of mittens use paper with stickers of their favorite character or toys . It's amazing how that will be enough incentive to learn.