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Magic Snowflake...sorta...

January 26,2010
Sometimes crafts don't turn out, and not always the first time you do them either. I have done this craft many times and never had an issue. This time my paper ripped- I was going to do a whole new craft but decided to show you this, and my option for a "fix". 1. Gather your materials. You will need some painters tape , white paper, markers, scissors and black paper for a frame if desired. 2. Make a design using the painters tape on your paper. It can be elaborate but simple *usually works best for removal. 3. Paint or color over the design, we went for a color mixing look, my son did some ( if you follow my other blog you know he had an eye appointment and got his eyes dilated, and opted out any close up activities) so he did a few scribbles and I liked the look so I finished it up for him. A tip for little guys doing this, cut the tape and make a small version so they do all the coloring but it's not too overwhelming for them. 4. Peel it off.... hopefully with no rips. I was so mad it ripped, that was literally my last sheet of white paper. Isn't it always the way? 5. Trim and frame with black paper. The Fix Add glue to the snowflake. Add glitter Let dry. Glitter makes everything better ? Right? My son loved the glitter addition but I just don't think I was a craft jinx today.