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Lump Of Coal Playdough Gift

December 10,2011

The topic of Santa has been a big one at our house for a few weeks and daily my 5 year old son will ask me if I think he is still on the good list. Truth be told he's no angel but he'd have to do something pretty out of character to get off the good list.

When he asked me what the kids on the bad list got I said the old legend says they get a lump of coal! THat's when he piped up with " Let's give Daddy a lump of coal, or Grandma! Or Mimi! " he was giggling and I suggested we make black playdough to give to some friends as holiday gifts.

I used my favorite playdough recipe - and added an obscene amount of black food color.

Added a handful of coarse salt ( just for a coal look) after it was kneaded and refridgerated for 24 hours (seems to help the dye set) .

Pop it in a jar with a festive tag and don't forget to gift it with some holiday cookie cutters too.

My son's friends will love this , the boys will think it's hilarious to get a lump of coal but you could also add mint extract and make peppermint, add some ginger and cloves for gingerbread or even nutmeg and vanilla for egg nog!