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Low Mess Indoor Water Play

January 31,2012

I love our water table but it's big and it's outside. When I only had one kid I could set up the container and have fun on the kitchen floor because as much as he liked water he didn't like getting wet. So we didn't have to be real careful about where we played with water since he was careful himself.

My daughter loves water. She loves it all over , and loves getting wet.

When I shared how I let her play with a tub without filling the whole bath tub a girlfriend said she'd never thought of doing this , a sure fire sign I should write a post about it.

There isn't much to it other than using a light weight container,  putting the kids in clothes they can get wet, making sure you have non slip pads on the bath and letting them go splashing and pouring and not worrying about mess. Free exploration where an adult isn't constantly saying " keep it in the bucket, ack don't do this, no no don't do that.." is really important and this is a great way to do it.