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Love the Earth- books to share!

April 22,2010
Teaching your child to love the earth doesn't just happen once a year on Earth Day ( which is today!) it comes gradually by appreciating all the beauty, all the amazing things as well as learning about the environment. Here are 4 books to promote the beauty and conservation with your children. Gone Wild by David McLimans is an alphabet book with a twist. Each letter is presented as an endangered animal and each page is visually stunning. Done in black white and red I love the simplicity of this book. The illustrations are simple but intricate, transforming each animal into the letter. There is little text bit on each page you will find each animals class, habitat, range, what is threatening it and it's status. Lovely book and eye opening too! A Drop of Water by Gordon Morrison is a beautiful book that looks at the journey water takes from the clouds, rain, mountain top through the river , the marsh and ponds before reaching the small child. Not only where the water travels but all the animals and plants that encounter it as well. The text is long for preschoolers but I found it easy to shorten for shorter attention spans, the illustrations are so detailed and stunning they could tell the story single handed. It's a great reminder for children about where water comes from and why it's important to keep our waterways clean! Trash and Recycling by Stephanie Turnbull The first time I read this to my son, I read it 3 times in a row. This book explains garbage collection as well as recycling in such great detail that I can't recommend it enough. The mix of illustrations and real photographs were a huge hit with my son who is a little obsesses with recycling and garbage collection but I think any child would find it exciting to find out all the details of what happens to the waste we leave curbside every week. Plants Live Everywhere by Mary Dodson Wade is an interesting book that uses a question and answer format to teach all about plants in various environments. From wetlands, the arctic and even the city the author explains what types of plants live there and why they thrive in that specific place. The photos are engaging and text is just the right length for preschoolers.