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Loot Bag Art

January 04,2010
This ball came from a loot bag a while back but I was reminded we had it after going to 2 different 3 year old parties this weekend. Painting with spiky balls like this is fun and easy. A while back we popped it in a ziplock and did a shake and paint, but today it was just a trusty old box! 1. Gather your materials. You will need some paint , a fun spiky ball, some paper and a box. 2. Fold or cut your paper so it fits inside the box. 3. Add two small drops of paint ( or one per color you are using). 4. Pop in your ball and start tipping it back and forth. With young kids you will want to be close by or have a drop cloth, the ball does bounce out. 5. Flip the paper over and make another- the fun in this is the process not the product which is why it's perfect for young kids!