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Light Saber Ornaments

November 28,2011

A good friend was hit with the flu so I picked up her son with mine after school and embarked on a long happy Friday playdate. They played Star Wars as usual for a long long tine but I knew I had to reign them in. I got a pack of these craft supplies from so when I showed them they immediately strated asking for specific colors to be this guy or that guy's light sabers.

Then I decided to turn it into an ornament. It showed them down for what felt like 30 seconds ( it was really about 5 minutes) and let me have some time to set up some puzzles and games for them to move on to.

You will need some colored popsicle sticks or color your own. Some glitter pipe clearners and a jingle bell.

Start by threading the jingle bell onto the pipe cleaner. Um hello fine motor skills!

Next wrap the pipe cleaner around the stick tightly. It's tricky.

Take a 2nd pipe cleaner and wrap it leaving some on the end to make a loop to allow it to hang on the tree.

I never thought I'd make a light saber ornament but to say it was a big hit with these two 5 year olds would be a little bit of an understatement.