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Lift the petal- Mother's Day Craft

April 27,2010
This is a craft and card all in one! 1. Gather your materials, you will need some coffee filters ( enough to make 5 petals- for us that was 3), water colors, scissors, markers, and 2-3 colors of construction paper. We used tape because I like how smooth it looks, but glue would work too. 2. Start by having your child paint the coffee filters with the water colors. 3. While they do that cut out a stem, leaves and middle of the flower. 4. Write " I love my mom because" on the stem and "Happy Mother's Day " in the middle. 5.Cut the coffee filters into petals. 6. Tape or glue the stem and leaves on. 7. Tape the petals on. I would definitely use tape for this to make folding back easy.8. Ask your child why they love their mama, and write down their responses. Even if they seem obtuse write it down, it's a great keepsake. 9. Add the middle of the flower and give it to your mom!