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Let's Go Fishing !

May 07,2009
Photobucket This art project couldn't be simpler. Even if you have never made a craft in your life you can help your child make this! Pair this craft with fishing activity below for a under the sea themed day. Paper Plate Fish 1.Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate, some paint, sparkle glue is you have it, a googly eye, scissors and regular glue. Photobucket 2.Start by painting the bottom of your paper plate. We used a small paint brush but a sponge,or even finger painting will work well too. Photobucket 3.If you are adding glitter glue you'll want to do it now. We squeezed it all over then, spread it with our fingers. Let dry. Photobucket 4.Next cut a small pie piece out of your plate, this will make the mouth and the tail. Photobucket 5.Glue the cut out piece on the opposite edge to make a tail, and the googly eye on. Let glue dry. Photobucket Fishing For Letters ! Photobucket This is a simple but very effective way to teach and reinforce letters . These magnetic letters can be found at most big box stores for a dollar. Another paper plate can be made into a pond and a magnetic fishing rod is all you need.My son loved this game, and we have played it many times this past week.