Learn with Candy

Mon, 02/11/2009
All my son wants to do is relive Halloween. It was his first time trick or treating and he fell in love. I decided to harness this candy madness and use it to teach. Check back tomorrow for more candy related learning! Candy Alphabet 1. Gather your materials. You will need some black construction paper, some white chalk ( any color with a marker will do, we just wanted the blackboard look.) and a collection of candies that have written names on them. 2. Write our the alphabet with your child. I would write a few letters, stop and ask my son what comes next. If he was stumped we would sing the song together while pointing at the letters already written out. When we got to the end he would know which letter was next! 3. Match the first letter of the candy to the alphabet. It's that simple. This activity gave us a chance to talk about which way we read words and which are the first and last letters. It also gave my son a chance to see letters in various fonts which is important for letter recognition.