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Last Minute Gifts Series - #2 The Sweet Tooth

December 20,2011

OK so yesterday's post was all about the Business Traveller's last minute we are switching gears to The Sweet Tooth's Last Minute Gift. Like yesterday's PTY ( Put Together Yourself) gift this one can be assembled with easily attainable items with little effort and a little help from your kids,  perfect for today's busy parent.

Where you need to go :

Grocery Store -  Candy aisle and  food storage aisle.

What you need to get :

In the food storage aisle grab some small mason jars used for canning.

What you need to fill it with :

Get the family size bags of candy and fill the jars. Put the filled jars back in the box they came in ( usually 3, 6 or 9 jars per box) and wrap. YOur kids can help by sorting the candies, measuring the amounts and filling the jars. Just watch for little hands eating all the gifts!


Toothbrush and floss tied to the gift tag as a tease about what's inside.