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Laced Bookmark

June 01,2009
School is almost out and that means summer reading! This bookmark is a wonderful incentive for your independent reader to dive into summer reading with style! Photobucket 1. Gather your materials. You will need some fun card stock, scissors, a hole punch, ribbon, you don't have to have a corner rounder but if you do it's a nice touch to use it. Photobucket 2. Cut your card stock into a 1.5" by 5" strip. I just cut it with scissors, no need to be perfect. Photobucket 3. Round the edges with a corner rounder if you have one. Skip it if you don't, it's not necessary but does make it look really finished. Photobucket 4. Punch 5 holes on each side of the bookmark, and one on one end with a hole punch. Photobucket 5. Cut a 1.5 foot piece of ribbon. 6. Starting on the end with 2 holes thread your ribbon through so that half the ribbon in through one hole and the other half is through the other. Photobucket 7. Thread each end through the rest of the holes. Ending at the top, where you thread both ends through the one hole. Photobucket 8. Tie a knot in the ribbon and trim the ends. Photobucket