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King of The Jungle!

June 08,2009
Photobucket I love this craft because it uses cut outs of your child's hands,and that makes it just a little more special. I don't keep many crafts we make but always find room to store these away. Photobucket 1. Gather your materials. You will need a paper plate 3-4 pieces of yellow and orange construction paper, yellow and orange markers,scissors, googly eyes , brown paper and glue. 2. Start by tracing your child's hand on the paper. Photobucket Layer the other papers under it and cut out. Photobucket 3. Next continue by coloring the paper plate with markers, I like to use markers because I don't want to wait for paint to dry before gluing on the hands. Photobucket 4. While they color, cut out a small brown nose. Photobucket 5. Next glue it on with googly eyes and draw on a mouth. Photobucket 6. Add the glue for the hands. Photobucket 7. Add on your hands in random order or if you are doing this with an older child make a pattern! Photobucket