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Kid Made Custom Birthday Cards

November 11,2010
I try to have my son make his friend's cards not just because I have a lot of blank cards I want to use but also because it's an easy way to have him participate on the giving side of birthday parties and because it's easy to customize it to the birthday boy or girl's theme. 1. Gather your materials, you will need a blank card, stickers in the theme of the party you are attending or something your child's friend enjoys and a marker. 2. Have your child add stickers to the blank card ( inside and out, their choice!) 3. If your child is still learning to write keep the message small so that your child can try to write their name and that requires a lot of space when kids are still learning. That's it. I know it's simple but seeing how proud your child is of making something for their friend and how excited the recipient is of a card made just for them makes it worth a post .