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Jingle Bottle Craft

December 03,2011

My daughter loves jingle bells but since she is so little I am reluctant to let her close to any, especially since she just entered the " I'll put that in my mouth, especially if it's potentially harmful!" stage.

So instead we made this.

You will need a clean and dry plastic bottle. Some red, greeen and silver sprkly pom poms ( mine were from craftprojectideas.com ) and some jingle bells.

I had my daughter and I take turns putting the pompoms in, she pushed the large ones in and I did the ones I felt were too small ( chocking hazard), and I did the bells.

Add some hot glue to the inside of the lid, tighten on and let dry Then add tape of your choice around the lid. . I still recomend only allowing children to play with these under supervision because even with a glued on and taped  lid the bottles can open or break unexpectedly. They are fun to play with while sining Christmas carols!