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Infant and Toddler Discovery Bins

August 23,2011


I get requests for infant and toddler activities all the time. One thing we love to do at our house are discovery bins. I usually stick to colors as the main theme as my daughter is still young ( 14 months) as she ages I will do shapes and letters too. 

The two biggest pieces of advice I have for parents wanting to do these are :

1. Keep them simple - 5-6 things MAX. Fewer are usually better.  

2. Choose a variety of textures. 

Young toddlers and infants are still exploring most things through touch ( often with their mouths so be prepared with safe objects) so to have a variety of textures will make the bin more interesting. 

Clear the area of other distractions and narrate their actions . For example ; " You have a bumpy red saw." " That's a crinkly red ring." etc...