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Indoor Activities to Stay Cool

July 09,2010
Allison is on maternity leave, so in the meantime, the staff here at FE will be posting some guest posts until she gets back. ************* With the blazing summer heat scorching the country, you might find it's a little too hot to go outside to play. If you find yourself pent up inside with a bored and antsy little one, have no fear! We're got some great indoor activities to keep you both busy. Try one (or all!) of these ideas:
  • Set up an Indoor Obstacle Course.
  • Play a family game of Charades.
  • Make some Homemade Silly Putty.
  • Get imaginative with a little Storybook Bingo. For even more ideas, visit our Activities Center to find suggestions for all ages. Have a great weekend, and stay cool!