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Indian Corn Craft

November 13,2011

This is not a hard craft but it takes patience and some fine motor skill. One of my favorite things about crafting is sitting together and chatting and this is a great craft for that, put one big bowl of beads in the middle of the table and create! I should say that these beads were provided for me by  but the craft is of my own creation!

You will need pipe cleaners , scissors,  and pony beads in yellow, orange, black and purple.

Start by cutting your pipe cleaners into 3 even pieces. Twist the ends together securely.

Thread the beads on. I found a random pattern was the best , but if your child wants to do a pattern go for it! I like leaving all colors of beads in the bowl so they have to search for the right colors.

Thread one bead on all three pipe cleaners and twist.

You can use these as place cards, add a magnet on the back or simply as a fun addition to your holiday decor!