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Incentives to read all summer long!

May 25,2010
I am passionate about literacy, I focused on early literacy while completing my degree in Education and have been devoted to promoting reading since. The summer can be a really hectic time, with day camps, family holidays, and trying to fit special event after special event into your schedule. One thing I beg you to fit in is time to read! I have gathered some fun incentive programs for you to get involved in to keep the reading going until school starts back up! Barnes & Noble Booksellers is hosting a summer reading program where children read a number of books, write about their favorite book and receive one free! Click here for all the info Borders has what they are calling Double Dog Dare reading challenge. kids 12 and under can read 10 books and get one free ! Check out all the fine print for that one here . Your local library! All the libraries I have searched have some sort of summer reading program from movie passes, county fair tickets and of course free books as incentives! Do not miss out on this amazing free resource. Create your own! Grab some small but significant prizes for your child, sit down make goals and when they meet the goals ( # of books, # of chapters) they win the prize. Maybe the prize is a new book, or a movie night to watch the film version of a book they read or maybe something specific to your child. Last but not least, I am also hosting a summer reading challenge on my other blog No Time For Flash Cards. The prizes aren't huge but the benefits are! It's open to newborns ( yes they need to be read to too!) all the way through teens. For the nitty gritty click here .