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I LOVE recycling !

January 25,2010
There is only one person that loves these crafts more than I do and that's my husband, because it uses up the Pottery Barn Kids catalogs and my son and I can't drool and make wish lists from them! Instead we made a fun and frugal decoration for Valentine's Day! 1. Gather your materials. You will need some magazines, some cardboard, ribbon, a hole punch , glue , a marker and scissors. 2. Start by writing LOVE in big block letters on your cardboard.Remember no need to be perfect since it gets covered with paper anyway! 3. Grab your magazines and start hunting for red and pink, if you see it cut it out! 4. Add glue to the letters. 5. Add your paper. 6. When dry cut out. 7. Punch holes in the top of the letters. 8. String the ribbon through! All done, all recycled and all lovely!