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I love... choice activity!

January 09,2011

This was a huge hit for my very decisive 4 year old. He is certain about what he loves and what he doesn't. Using stickers for activities is a great way to keep mess down and fine motor skills up! Peeling those little suckers off works out the muscles in the hand that we use for tasks like writing.  Talk to your children about why they love the things they choose and why they don't like the other. I love the reasons my son gives and know you will enjoy your child's reasoning as well.

Gather your materials. You will need some paper, a marker and a variety of stickers. Choose some you know your child really likes, and some you know they won't, then fill in the gaps with some maybes.

Write out " I Love..." if your child can write let them even if it's not legible to you. Encouraging their efforts is paramount.

Let them make some choices.

Ask them about the stickers they chose.


I was surprised how long my son considered the stickers. He grabbed the Backyardigans ones immediately , then really considered the bug ones ultimately deciding he only likes bugs, not love .