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Homemade Bubble Solution

June 25,2010
Allison is on maternity leave, so in the meantime, the staff here at FE will be posting some guest posts until she gets back. ************* It's Friday, which means you have the whole weekend stretched out in front of you. If you're lucky enough to have some downtime with your little ones, try out this homemade bubble solution. It's easy to make, and super fun to play with. After all, what's better than blowing bubbles with your child on a warm summer day? For your ingredients, you'll need: * 2 cups warm water * 1 cup liquid dishwashing soap * 1/4 cup glycerin * 1 teaspoon sugar * Funnel, straws, six-pack plastic beverage holders, or other unbreakable household objects. Directions: 1. Mix together water, dishwashing soap, glycerin, and sugar. 2. Use various unbreakable objects found around the house to blow spectacular bubbles: funnels, straws, six-pack beverage holders. 3. Dip the objects in the bubble solution and blow through them, or wave them through the air like wands. 4. Store the bubble solution in a plastic container with a tight-fitting lid. View Bubble Solution on the site. Have a great weekend!