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Holiday Traditions

December 09,2011

Do you have Christmas traditions? I know for our family our are still evoloving as our 5 year old's memory and expectations grow and our toddler becomes aware of the things and experiences around her. One tradition my son has enjoyed for a few years has been making a gingerbread house with my dad every year. In the 3 years they have done it we have all learned a few lessons.

1. Get extra candies for the gingerbread house, it's never enough!

2. Use Meringue Powder in the premixed icing to make it stiffer and stronger to hold big candies.

3. Have some ice cream cones laying around? Turn them upside down and voila a tree!

4. Have mom approved candies ready for the kidlets to snack on, Last year my parents didn't quite understand how sensitive my son is to synthetic dyes. The tantrum later that night can only be described as epic. Now we have natural dye candies in a special bowl for them to give him .

5. Use a rimmed cookie sheet to keep run away candies contained, and as a base if you want to dusplay it.

6. For young kids  one on one do a house, small group a train is perfect and with a group the village we did would be perfect.

What family traditions do you have?