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Holiday Plane Travel Tips

December 21,2010

It's that time of year again - busy airports, tired kids, frazzled parents. Here are my top 5 travel tips for traveling by plane with kids.

#1. When you select your seats , try to get in a row where you have extra leg room. Not only will you be more comfortable your child won't be able to kick the seat in front of them. Which will lower your and the person in that unlucky seat 's blood pressure a lot!

#2. Don't pack toys with wheels in the carryon. Trust me on this one. My son loves firetrucks- big mistake. Oh and ones that make noise especially sirens... yeah the woman sitting behind you wants me to insit you leave those at home.

#3 Bring extra clothes, and then pack one more outfit. Even with extra outfits I can't count how many times my son has gone through all the extra clothes before we even took off.

#4 Keep routines going, if it's bedtime change them into PJs , read them stories, just like at home. This was a life saver on some red eye flights when my son was a toddler.

#5. Bribing is worth it as a last resort. I flew with my son alone from Seattle to Washington DC while preganant and a few jelly bellies went a long, long way.  It doesn't have to be candy ( those were a pregnancy craving of mine) it can be stickers, small toys anything really.

Safe Travels !