Holiday Book Tradition

Sun, 27/11/2011

In my next life ( or maybe later in this one) I dream about being a Children's Librarian. I think that for young children nothing is as important as reading as a way to widen their world , create curious kids and lay the foundation for life long learning. Just because it's the holidays doesn't mean that reading needs to get pushed aside or only to bedtime books. You can even turn reading time into something special at this special time of year. This is what we do.

After Thanksgiving I jump online and to my local library's catalog and search for holiday themed books. I try to get s few in different themes : Snowmen, Christmas , Holidays that we don't celebrate but want to learn about, Santa  , you get the point. The reason I get a few in each theme is that I will read 2-4 at each sitting and having a themed just makes it awesome!

When I get home I put the books away, and announce to my kids that I have a treat. I put the kettle on , grab some hot chocolate , mugs and a few marshmallows too.

We sip and read and have a ball!

After we read the books I leave them out for them to read, keeping them hidden was simply a way to make them special and keep excitement about reading "new" books high.


How do you make reading playtime?

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