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Here Kitty Kitty...Books About Cats

February 17,2010
Naughty Kitten by Lisa Alderson is a cute book for babies and young toddlers. It follows Kipper a kitten who is like most inquisitive and apt for trouble. He's not a bad kitten though and does what any kitten or toddler does and simply follows what he finds interesting and fun. Young readers will love this book's soft touch and feel pages, the kitten and many other objects in the illustrations feel soft on little hands. A cute book for active babies who need something more than a story to sit still. Comet's Nine Lives by Jan Brettis a sweet story about a coastal cat who keeps finding himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. His first 8 lives are taken up by falling into a vat of strawberry milkshake, falling off a tower of books and one is even gobbled up when he falls into a tuba! Luckily before his last life is used up he finds home with another cat in a lighthouse. Brett's beautiful and detailed pictures give this book a fun, sea faring theme which balances out the grim idea of using up lives. The Nine Lives of Rotten Ralph by Jack Gantos will not make my favorite list any time soon. This book is funny if you are an adult but I would not recommend it to read to small kids. Ralph is a cat who seems like a recovering addict who has had a rough life and made bad choices. Yet his owner is sad and depressed when she realizes that he has used up 8 of his lives. I know I am looking at this through cynical adult eyes but really she seems to be enabling this cat and his bad behavior. I wish I could find something redeeming but I just didn't like this book. If you have read it what's your take?