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Happy Valentine's Day

February 13,2012

I know people say that this holiday was made by Hallmark and isn't real yada yada yada but who doesn't love a day about love?!

Every year we make heart shaped tortilla pizzas, have heart shaped dessert ( usually cookies or brownies cut with a cookie cutter) and bubbly pink lemonade. It's easy and silly and what holidays should be like when you have little kids.

This year though I am adding a new tradition ( isn't it fun getting to make them?) I am going to go through family pictures and find some from when my husband and I were dating, some wedding photos, and a few pictures of our family at major milestones like birthdays, vacations and of course the births of our kids. I want to reminice about the love we share and create as a family and all we need for that is each other and a few photos to spark the memories.

How do you celebrate as a family?